NOTAVIS WebApp ID - Image Processing Software with ID Reader Functionality for Barcodes

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NOTAVIS WebApp ID - Image Processing Software Inclusive Barcodes

The version NOTAVIS WebApp ID of our web-based image processing software NOTAVIS WebApp for intelligent cameras includes both standard functions of industrial image processing and ID reader functionality for barcodes. The standard functions are filter, blob analysis, pattern recognition, measuring tools and more. The whole image processing software is based on Halcon® image processing library.

You can easily setup and configure software parameters on your PC or mobile device using the web browser. This allows you to see the inspection process in real-time and adjust configuration anywhere on your factory. You do not need any programming knowledge to use or to configure the image processing software.

Available Versions:

  • NOTAVIS WebApp
  • NOTAVIS WebApp Vision
  • NOTAVIS WebApp 2D
  • NOTAVIS WebApp Advanced

The NOTAVIS WebApp does only work with the intelligent cameras of our shop.

Product information:

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