VC nano 3D-Z Laserscanner

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VC nano 3D-Z Laserscanner

VC nano 3D-Z Laser Scanner

Intelligent 3D-Laser Scanner VC nano 3D-Z with Blue Laser und“Ambient Light Supression Technology” (ALST)

The models of the VC nano 3D-Z laser scanner series integrate a blue laser and an intelligent camera in one housing. They are available in various housing sizes for different working distances and tasks.

The FPGA is used for laser triangulation tasks, which has the advantage that the freely programmable dual core ARM is completely available for application tasks. In addition, the software library VC LibQ offers more than 300 functions for programming image processing tasks.

Thanks to Ambient Light Supression Technology the system can also be used at extreme light conditions of up to 100.000 Lux.

In addition to 3D image processing other applications are available like character recognition (OCR), measurement and testing, blob analysis, motion analysis and color image processing.


3D Applications Examples:

  • Standard Tasks like profile and dimensional measu-rement:
    width, thickness, height, angle
  • Weld Seam Inspection like geometry measurement:
    position and width measu¬rement, defect detection (i.e. pores/pin holes, dents). Advantage of VCnano 3D¬Z: Parallel pro¬cessing of 2D and 3D measurement tasks
  • High-Precision Weld Seam and Adhesive Bead Tracking of different geometrical forms (gaps, lap joints, fillet welds etc.). Effects such as warping or material and position tolerances are adjusted automatically.
  • 3D Scans of huge objects:
    automated handling even of huge production parts, identifying parts and cor-rect positioning (i.e. in Automotive Industry).
  • Volume Measurement of Food:
    for portioning foods, verifying specific weight and sorting for quality classi-fication.

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