MIPI Camera Modules

MIPI Camera Modules

The NOTAVIS MIPI camera modules support the MIPI CSI-2 interface and are compatible with a wide variety of image sensors, e.g. from Omnivision© and from the series Sony Pregius® und Sony Starvis®. The small ultracompact modules can be integrated at low cost in many different machines and products.

Thanks to standardized data transmission in the CSI standard, the compact miniature cameras can be manufactured at extremely low costs.

Our MIPI sensor boards offer OEMs a broad range of applications for their embedded vision solutions.

The MIPI miniature cameras are particularly suitable for mobile and decentralized applications.

  • Multi-camera applications
  • Autonomous Driving
  • AUVs
  • Smart City
  • Medical technology
  • Laboratory automation

Available MIPI Camera Modules:
OV9281, OV7251, IMX178, IMX183, IMX183-C, IMX226, IMX226-C, IMX250, IMX250-C, IMX252, IMX252-C, IMX264, IMX264-C, IMX265, IMX265-C, IMX273, IMX273-C, IMX290, IMX296, IMX296-C, IMX297, IMX327, IMX335, IMX335-C, IMX392, IMX392-C, IMX412, IMX415, IMX415-C, IMX568

Compatible CPU Boards:
Vision Components®, Auvidea, Geniatech, HummingBoard™, MSC, Raspberry Pi®, Trenz Electronic, Asus®, DragonBoard™, HiKey, MediaTec, NVIDIA®, Rock960, Ultra96™, Voipac

Available Accessories:

  • FPC Cable
  • Mini Repeater
  • Lens holder
  • FPGA-based accelerator (VC PowerSoM)

Made in Germany

All NOTAVIS MIPI modules are 100% designed and produced in Germany.


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    VC MIPI Module
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