Area Scan GiGE - Area Scan Cameras with GiGE Interface

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Area Scan GiGE

Area Scan GiGE

Area Scan Camera NOTAVIS Area Scan GiGE

Product Description

The NOTAVIS area scan cameras Area Scan GiGE of the NVxxxG series are suitable for numerous industrial applications as well as for scientific or monitoring applications.

With a resolution of up to 2448*2048 Pixel the cameras offer an excellent image quality for both moving pictures and single shots. Using the global shutter technique the entire area of the image is scanned simultaneously. This is ideal for capturing of fast-moving objects.

The GiGE interface allows high data transfer rates and saves costs by using standard series cables. The cables can be installed over long distances.

Product Details

  • Color & mono
  • GiGE Vision Standard
  • Sony Imager
    • IMX273
    • IMX265
    • IMX174
    • IMX264
  • Global shutter
  • PoE
  • C/CS Mount adaptation
  • Dimensions:
  • 8 bit Bayer, 12 bit Bayer Packed,
  • 16 bit Bayer Pixel Format
  • Interface: GiGE

Available cameras:


  • imager: 1/2.9”, IMX273
  • pixel: 1440*1080
  • frame rate: 75 fps


  • imager: 1/1.8”, IMX265
  • pixel: 2048*1536
  • frame rate: 36 fps


  • imager: 2/3”, IMX264
  • Pixel: 2448*2048
  • frame rate: 24 fps


  • imager: 1/1.2”, IMX174
  • pixel: 1920*1200
  • frame rate: 50 fps

Product information:

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