Embedded Vision

NOTAVIS provides numerous embedded vision solutions. These are used worldwide in various industrial and non-industrial applications. We supply intelligent real-time and network-capable cameras that do not require an additional PC. These embedded solutions are flexibly integrated into all types of systems. We provide embedded vision systems that can be used e.g. for quality assurance in production control. The systems are also used for code recognition, motion tracking, license plate recognition and for measuring and positioning tasks.

NOTAVIS MIPI Camera Modules

The NOTAVIS MIPI Camera Modules are very flexible due to the wide range of available image sensors and the standardized data transmission in the CSI standard. The compact and miniaturized size allows the modules to be integrated into a wide range of machines and products at low cost.

Smart Cameras

NOTAVIS Smart Cameras are flexible and perfectly suited for most automation applications thanks to their wide portfolio of different software and hardware functionalities.


By using a 3D embedded camera system in your embedded vision solution you are prepared for all applications. An additional laser is integrated in the VC nano 3D-Z version which is available in the shop. All VC 3D systems are freely programmable and equipped with the VC Linux operating system. This solution is suitable for standard tasks such as profile and dimension measurement, glue bead guidance, 3D scanning of large objects or weld seam inspection.

Area Scan Camera

The complete NOTAVIS portfolio of industrial cameras includes resolutions from 0.3 - 50 Mpixel and up to 800 fps. The collaboration with the leading manufacturers of this technology from Europe, Asia and America is outstanding. We carry cameras with all standard industrial communication interfaces USB3, GiGE, CoaxPress, etc. The portfolio is completed with line scan cameras from 2-16 k.

Vision Software

NOTAVIS supplies a complete set of the necessary algorithms in the field of industrial image processing, from image processing Software solutions for Smart Cameras and image processing libraries for self-programming to customer-specific developments.

NOTAVIS Software

The own software suite NOTAVIS Software is a modern platform for all kinds of industrial automation technology and robotics. The platform is flexible and easy to use. In addition, the software is easy to use and configure. This results in high efficiency and rapid development of the image processing application in production.


The NOTAVIS WebApp is our newest software for Smart Cameras. The software enables 1D/2D code reading, Absence/presence check or alignment by pattern matching.

The parameters can be set on a PC or by mobile devices via Wi-Fi and a web interface.

This allows you to track the authenticity of the test process and adapt the configurations.